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How to choose the perfect accommodation for your trip?

With such a wide range of different accommodation options across our country, there's always something that will indulge every client’s request, urban or rural. Through this text, we offer you to consider the pros and cons of five different accommodation options in Stara Planina for families, couples and loners, whether you`re going skiing or just to enjoy the beautiful, picturesque nature.

Apartments on this mountain usually are the main accommodation choice for families when in the mountains, especially in ski resorts. They usually offer simple yet affordable lodging in different accommodation starting from simple, basic facilities and rooms,but luxury apartments for rent here are scarce and you won’t exactly find that kind of accommodation.

Pros: Apartments are often more affordable. Big families are usually looking for accommodations that contain laundry facilities,equipped with fridge and a stove. In that way, parents can cook to their children’s tastes at mealtimes, preserving the “homey” feeling on vacation. Modern hotel complexes often have a swimming pool for their visitors to enjoy.

Cons: Hours for checking in and out may be limited, and not every hotel has healthcare facilities onsite. Also, resort supermarkets tend to be quite pricey. For some apartments you may need to bring spare sheets and rolls of toilet paper.

Hotels tend to be more expensive when in season

Hotels are often known to provide some of the best and most relaxing options for your ski holiday, with half-board accommodation, meaning you don’t need to worry about meals. Hotels often have a swimming pool, playrooms and healthcare, all onsite.

Family-friendly hotels are especially aware that not many people are solvent, and often offer discounts, especially out of season, and around Easter. These days it means that you get good service for less money, and it`s always a good thing to save some cash while on a vacation.

Pros: In hotels, you can choose between fully catered, half-board and full-board meals. Most of them offer healthcare and good, onsite leisure facilities, such as bars, restaurants and, sometimes, a nightclub.

Cons: Hotels are usually the most expensive option, when it comes to accommodation. Families may be divided up into separate rooms if there are no family rooms or multiple bed options, but in any case, you should beware of extra costs.

Chalets in the countryside

Small and big, chalets can be an excellent choice for anyone. It can be like having your own, wooden mountain home, where a nice chalet host offers to cook and clean for you. Smaller groups of people in larger chalets can also enjoy friendly service but they usually have to share them with other guests.

The bright side is that places like these in Stara Planina are great for making lifelong friendships. Farmstays are a unique accommodation option if you want a real taste of rustic, authentic farm life.

Pros: Countryside is usually fully catered, even with staff and people that are suited to help with some health problems, with usually low prices when it comes to booking accommodations like these.

Cons: Unless you are opting for exclusive rentals, you might need to get on, or put up with other guests.

Bed and breakfast accommodations

B&B`s are often run by knowledgeable locals who can advise you on the best places to go skiing, sightseeing and eating. Most of them need to be booked directly, rather than through a tour operator so it’s worth looking for online reviews. Family-sized rooms are also not easy to find.

Bed & Breakfasts are a wonderful, eclectic mix of all types of houses and hosts, and this is part of their magic. By opening their homes to travellers who need a comfortable bed for a night or two, B&B hosts are like instant friends you meet along the way.

Pros: A friendly, affordable accommodation option with an easy-going proprietor that has plenty of local knowledge, and can serve as a great guide.

Cons: Usually there aren`t any on-site restaurants, so be prepared to eat out. Also, family rooms are lacking, so the additional room is often required.

Clean and cheap hostels

Often overlooked as a family accommodation option, hostels in ski resorts are, in many cases, some of the best accommodation options. They are usually located close to the stations and have excellent hotel-like facilities.

Hostels, also known as backpackers accommodation, have a reputation for being clean, comfortable and come at a very good value. Some of them only offer unisex dormitory rooms (single-sex on request), while others provide a choice of double, twin, single and multiple rooms. In most cases, the bathroom and kitchen are shared.

Pros: Very affordable, basic and functional. Meets and greets for travellers from around the world.

Cons: Some hostels are way too basic for families to get the holiday feeling.

People who travel to Stara Planina mountain for more than a day need a comfortable bed, rest, food, safe shelter from cold temperatures or rain, storage for luggage and access to common household functions. These accommodations are proven to be the best choice for people, whether they are travelling alone, in groups or with a big family.

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Stara planina range runs 560km from eastern Serbia eastward through central Bulgaria to Cape Emine on the Black Sea. The range consists of around 30 portions called mountains. Stara Planina can be divided into three sections: Western Stara Planina, Central Stara Planina and Eastern Stara Planina. Eastern Stara Planina forms the lowest part of the range.





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The Balkans is the historic and geographic name used to describe southeastern Europe (see the Definitions and boundaries section below). Musala is the highest peak in Bulgaria and the entire Balkan Peninsula, standing at 2,925 m. Rila Mountain, Bulgaria The Rila is a mountain range in western Bulgaria.

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Stara Planina is remarkable for its flora and fauna. The most beautiful Bulgarian mountain flower Edelweiss grows there on peak Koziata stena .