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How to explore nature without ruining it at the same time

The development of diverse technology has come a long way, especially when it comes to nature tourism, enabling us to visit and explore the most remote places on earth. Exploring nature is a wonderful experience, something everybody can do, regardless of their professional background, education or previous endeavours.

You can go on foot, use vehicles and various technology available now to augment the experience and capture it for lifetime. Nature belongs to everyone. Or does it?

In recent years the question of natural environment protection rises more vigorously than ever, having in mind the responsibility people now have towards it, which is greater than ever. The main concern is the fact that people, in search for adventure , life changing experience , or for ways to relax , have come to be more unconscionable towards nature which has resulted in pollution, menace for wildlife, and even leading to some of the species to become extinct, due to carelessness of both tourists and the environmental laws. The dangers are many and repercussions are vast.

The question is how to avoid the aftermath, or at least, downsize it. But in order to answer it, first we need to tackle one of the sources of the problem.

Aerial aircraft usage

We are all familiar with flying drones . At one point these whirring birds were all around us, but at the next got sanctioned by registration laws aimed specifically at them.The reasons for their popularity lies in the obvious fact: they can fly. ‘Nuff said. By using one such gadget your possibilities become huge, regardless of your professional photographer chops or the fact that you are just a kid having fun with an electronic “kite”. You're perspective is immensely enlarged anyway. But, there are quite a few issues with drones, especially when used for purpose of exploration.

Drones are loud

The before mentioned whirring becomes a disturbance for people around you, and for yourself, but imagine when that happens in normally peaceful outdoors, where you came for the purpose of getting some cool photos , or for the bird perspective visuals . Can you explain to the actual birds that what you got there is not another teritorial eagle who has no business of being there in the first place, and therefore stop the carnage. Point being that usually the animal gets severely hurt or dead on impact, and your toy gets destroyed. Now, this is a case a of a close encounter of an animal and a drone, which is, in all fairness, only possible with birds, but that doesn't mean that other wildlife is spared.

The noise can stress them out, and lead to all kinds of antagonistic behaviour, not to mention the potential withdrawal from the territory altogether. Drones are also not always compatible with carrying large and sensitive gear used for all kinds of purposes, which can be a problem for scientists or photographers, having to constantly worry for the sake of their expensive toys.

So, what would be the alternative ? Well, it would seem that RC blimps for sale that you can find online which can be a perfect solution for this kind of situation.

So, what's a blimp?

A blimp is also known as a non-rigid airship , commonly called a dirigible , and does not have an internal structural framework. It is common for a blimp to get mistaken for a Zeppelin because of its shape, but the difference lies in their interior parts. A blimp moves by propellers and can be operated by a remote.

There are various types of blimps in existence, from those used indoors for advertising , exhibition props or as heavy lifters , those used outdoors for all kinds of surveillance (but also for air commercials), to the ones which we are concerned the most in this topic, and these being the ones used for aerial photography and outdoor blimps able to carry heavy gear.

Who can use one?

Having in mind the faults that we've listed concerning drones and their usage in natural environment, blimps represent a perfect alternative for literally everyone who want the same service provided by drones, without the setbacks. And who those people are?


Blimps are especially useful for scientists , especially geologists or archaeologists who need aircrafts to carry gear used for terrain reconnaissance , in search for mines and ores, or underground settlements and ruins. The main advantage is that, for example, RC Blimps manufacture huge airships able to carry equipment that is not only heavy, but also sensitive.

The plus side of air reconnaissance is the minimal pollution and unnecessary soil disturbance , that would inevitably come to be due to unfit equipment used in field reconnaissance.

Landscape photography

Landscape photographers benefit also from usage of blimps precisely because of aforementioned example of close encounters of drones carrying cameras and bird predators. The ability of blimps to be in stealth mode allows photographers to make better pictures with minimal trembling.

The RC Blimps offer four kinds of aerial photography systems , including the ones targeted solely at professional photographers, providing much needed stability. They are also great since they represent minimal threat to wildlife as well as environment, and the end product inspires you even more to guard nature.

Everybody else

Apart from them, adventurists or lay individuals with specific projects in mind can also use blimps smaller in size, whether for amateur photography or for the thrill of flying a blip.

Case in point is that blips are more environmental friendly , and less a potential danger to wildlife, or even to people, not to mention that various groups of people in various professions can highly benefit from using one, whatever scientific or creative endeavour they have in mind, and being responsible towards their surroundings at the same time.

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Stara planina range runs 560km from eastern Serbia eastward through central Bulgaria to Cape Emine on the Black Sea. The range consists of around 30 portions called mountains. Stara Planina can be divided into three sections: Western Stara Planina, Central Stara Planina and Eastern Stara Planina. Eastern Stara Planina forms the lowest part of the range.





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The Balkans is the historic and geographic name used to describe southeastern Europe (see the Definitions and boundaries section below). Musala is the highest peak in Bulgaria and the entire Balkan Peninsula, standing at 2,925 m. Rila Mountain, Bulgaria The Rila is a mountain range in western Bulgaria.

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Stara Planina is remarkable for its flora and fauna. The most beautiful Bulgarian mountain flower Edelweiss grows there on peak Koziata stena .