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Western Stara Planina from Vrashka Chuka at the border with Serbia to the Pass of Arabakonak with a total length of 190 km and highest peak Midzhur (2,169 m)The Balkan mountain range (Bulgarian and Serbian: Стара планина, Stara planina, " Old Mountain ") is an extension of the Carpathian mountain range, separated from it by the Danube River. The Balkan range runs 560 km from eastern Serbia eastward through central Bulgaria to Cape Emine on the Black Sea.

Most popular place on Stara planina in Serbian part is Babin zub. Ski resort Babin Zub offers opportunities for tourism and sports events. Its picnic areas are set in areas of natural beauty and are a real place for rest and recreation. The highest point on the Serbian territory is Midžor (2169 meters), which is the same time the highest peak in the Republic of Serbia. One-third of Old mountain is in the eastern part of Serbia, while two-thirds of the Old mountain are in neighboring Bulgaria.

The highest peak of the Stara Planina in Bulgaria and itself is Botev, which is placed in central Bulgaria. In Serbian part Old mountain is divided between the four Municipalities: Zajecar, Knjazevac, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad. The total area of four municipalities is approximately 4,000 km2. Old mountain away from Belgrade is about 330 km, from Sofia 120 km, and is the nearest city Niš, 70 km away.

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The Balkans is the historic and geographic name used to describe a region of southeastern EuropeThis site, www.StaraPlanina.Eu is dedicated to Serbian side of mountain Stara planina. This is one of the rare places in the Internet where you can take a look at many interesting thematic units together with brief reports and many photographs of mountains and traveling.

Stara Planina ( Old Mountain ) is the main inspiration of the web site. Main characteristics of mountain Stara Planina you can find here. Stara Planina is almost five months under snow at an altitude above 1,700 m. Central annual air temperature at an altitude between 1,100 and 1,400 m is about 5 oC. Central winter air temperature range between -1 to -3 oC, a summer about 15 oC. After the Alps and Carphatian, Stara planina is the highest mountain range in Europe.

Main Peaks on Stara planina are: Botev Peak 2,376 m (named after Hristo Botev), Vezhen Peak 2,198 m, Midzhur 2,169 m (the highest peak in Serbia and north-western Bulgaria, 12th in Stara Planina), Kom Peak 2,016 m, Todorini Kukli 1,785 m, Murgash 1,687 m, Shipka Peak 1,523 m, Buzludzha 1,441 m, Balgarka Peak 1,181 m and Levski Peak (named after Vasil Levski).


The main potentionals of Stara Planina mountain are:

Potentials Ski Pistes,
Rich snoe packs for almost 5 months a year,
Stara Planina Resort base area could potentially generate accomodation for a total 22000,
Total capacity of the site runs up to 60 000 skiers per hour,
An undisturbed enviroment (with outstanding development potential),
Environmentally friendly tourist activities throughout the year,
Slopes with excellent potential for ski runs,
Stara planina is internatioan brand,
Sky Resort and lovely Villages of the Stara planina


The mountain Stara Planina can be divided into three sections:

Western Stara Planina from Vrashka Chuka at the border with Serbia to the Pass of Arabakonak with a total length of 190 km and highest peak Midzhur (2,169 m).
Central Stara Planina from Arabakonak to the Vratnik Pass with a length of 207 km. Botev Peak (2,376 m) which is the highest in the range is located in that section.
Eastern Stara Planina from the Vratnik Pass to Cape Emine with a length of 160 km and highest peak Balgarka (1181 m). Eastern Stara Planina forms the lowest part of the range.

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The highest top in Serbian part of Stara planina is the Midžor 2,169 meters.

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Main characteristics of Stara Planina Mountain are:
Untouched nature,
Ssightseeing and leisure
Destination opportunities,
Potential winter and
Roof solar panels


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Photographies (images, photos, wallpapers) from Mountain Stara Planina