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Balkan is a rafting paradise

Rafting is fun. Rafting is extreme. Rafting is adrenaline. And when it comes to place where you’ll go rafting, Balkan is pure paradise! Balkan peninsula is an old geological formation which contains many mountain ranges, enormous amount of thermal springs and of course mountain rivers so fast that’ll make your head spin. Right there, that’s the real reason why rafting in the Balkans is the best you can get.

River Tara

Opportunity to go on rafting in so many places all over the Balkan peninsula is the reason why anyone should come here. But besides rafting near Stara Planina mountain, greatest place to go rafting really is Tara river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and here’s why.

Here’s why rafting on Tara river is the best you can get

Montenegro National Park Durmitor

Once upon a time, when Serbia and Montenegro were one country, mutual number of national parks was 9 of them. Today, Serbia has 5 national parks with Stara Planina being one of them, while Montenegro has 4 national parks. One of those 4 parks is National Park Durmitor, as an astonishing nature preserved area. The fact that Tara river runs through the National Park of Durmitor , makes rafting even more exciting. You can only assume how amazing nature here really is, since it is preserved by the government and UNESCO too.

Astonishing nature views that you’ll be able to see while rafting with your friends and professional skippers is something that shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re deciding whether to come here or not.

2 nd deepest canyon in the world - Tara river canyon

As we said earlier, Tara river runs through Durmitor National Park and it actually makes the border of NP Durmitor with its beautiful canyon. Not just that Tara canyon is beautiful, it is actually largest and deepest canyon in Europe. Like that still isn’t enough, it is worth mentioning that Tara canyon is the 2 nd deepest canyon in the whole World. Yeah, that’s right with it’s 1300 m deep bottom, only Grand Canyon is deeper , but no other river can compare to Tara when it comes to rapids and adrenaline that comes out of it, and of course nature scenery that you’ll encounter on your Tara rafting trip in Montenegro at

Various levels of river difficulty and complexity

Many rivers have very low or very high river complexity and speed when it comes to whitewater rafting, and that keeps them oriented only at one or another group of people when it comes to rafting. Professionals or beginners. But what is even better, Tara river have various levels of river difficulty and complexity when it comes to rafting, and which are measured from level 1 to the 6 th level. Tara river change its complexity from 3 to 5 th level due to weather change, seasons and other reasons. Why is this good? It is good because of the fact that you can always foresee how difficult the river will be in which part of rafting season , so that everyone can get a chance to try out Montenegro rafting at Tara River.

Tara river runs through two different countries

The fact that Tara river is an international river, running from Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina , makes it even more interesting. Infact the most exciting part of Tara river is right on the border of these two countries. Yes, nature doesn’t know political borders , but it’s kind of great that you can go in different countries in just one trip or how people in the Balkans like to say: “Two flies with one hit.”. Anyway it is a great opportunity to discover everything that people of Balkans created together. Even though we don’t live in the same country anymore, cultural influences are practically the same, and nature is the only important thing to the people whom enjoy rafting.

Other nature opportunities

Since wildlife and nature of Balkans is filled with beautiful mountain ranges, like Stara Planina in the first place, followed by other beautiful rivers, and mountain planes , you can just imagine how cool trekking, hiking, jeep safari and other tours can be right there on the spot where three countries meet. Rainforests, highest lakes in the world and many other things are available for exploring if you ever decide to go rafting in Montenegro and Bosnia. Why not? Make you trip even more interesting with some of the offers that are available in the link we mentioned above.

What are other great places to go rafting in the Balkans

Of course Montenegro and Tara river aren’t the only one when it comes to great places to go rafting, although they probably are the most visited once. And there are true reasons for that to be like that. Anyway here are couple of other places you can go rafting in the Balkan peninsula :


Serbia – right here – River of Stara Planina

Bosnia – Drina river

Croatia – Dobra river

Slovenia – rafting on Soca river

Enjoy your stay!


Mountain of Stara Planina weather forecast

Mountain of Stara Planina Tourist Guide
Mountain of Stara Planina weather forecast
Visit and meet Stara Planina

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Stara planina range runs 560km from eastern Serbia eastward through central Bulgaria to Cape Emine on the Black Sea. The range consists of around 30 portions called mountains. Stara Planina can be divided into three sections: Western Stara Planina, Central Stara Planina and Eastern Stara Planina. Eastern Stara Planina forms the lowest part of the range.



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The Balkans is the historic and geographic name used to describe southeastern Europe (see the Definitions and boundaries section below). Musala is the highest peak in Bulgaria and the entire Balkan Peninsula, standing at 2,925 m. Rila Mountain, Bulgaria The Rila is a mountain range in western Bulgaria.

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Stara Planina is remarkable for its flora and fauna. The most beautiful Bulgarian mountain flower Edelweiss grows there on peak Koziata stena .