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Why you need to be careful with travel insurance?

Travel insurance is one of the most important aspects of travelling. Find out why you need to be careful with travel insurance, and how it can change your travelling experience.

Travel insurance is often neglected because of normalcy bias, which is the tendency to underestimate the possibilities of a bad outcome. It causes people to believe that since nothing bad happened to them before, the same will remain for the future.

Do you really need travel insurance?

The short answer is YES, you absolutely need travel insurance! Why? We will discuss it further bellow.

You know the saying ‘' Failing to prepare is preparing for failure ''. This holds through for travel insurance. Although it may seem that travel insurance is something you can avoid, you are basically gambling with a huge risk of losing a bunch of money.

What is travel insurance anyway?

Travel insurance will allow you medical coverage in case of sickness or injury, get you your money back if your camera breaks, your flight gets canceled, someone steals your bags, or if your luggage gets lost at the airport.

With travel insurance you are not just buying coverage in case of an emergency, you are buying a peace of mind , and that is very important on a vacation. Whether it be a mountain, sea, or a popular town.

Travel insurance is one of those things you will be glad you bought, but hope you will never have to use it.

Having a peace of mind will allow you to embrace the full experience on your travel. Ask anyone who actually had to use it, they will tell you that was the best decision they made. Then again, ask anyone who didn't get travel insurance, and ran into trouble, they will tell you that was the worst decision they made.

‘'So you're telling me that if someone steals my phone I will get reimbursed by the insurance agency?''

Not only that, travel insurance will cover you for stolen things (electronics, jewelry, luggage, documents…), medical costs in case of illness or injury, cancellations of flights, accommodation etc.

What is most important aspect of travel insurance?

By far the most important thing you need to look for in a travel insurance policy is the aspect considering medical coverage.

In many countries, medical regulation is tight and international medical insurance is required, and a lack of one can prevent you from entering the country. However, not all medical insurance is the same, some cover the most of expenses while others cover special medical requirements, even the most important medical equipment.

A whole other story is the fact that medical insurance gives you the opportunity to use all of the medical products and equipment you need, but your destination should also be safe enough so that you know that the equipment used is best possible. For example if you're traveling to Europe, all equipment should go through the process of ce marking of medical devices and other medicinal products for your own safety. But let's step back for a little bit, and talk more about the amount of money that your travel insurance can cover!

There are medical insurance policies that cover up to 20.000$, or ones that cover up to a 1.000.000$. Depending on the country you are planning to go , you would want to have appropriate cover limit.

If you are interested in average medical costs in a country, you could either research online, or you could contact the embassy of that country in your homeland . You could also contact the embassy of your country in the foreign one.

You want to ensure that in case of sickness or injury, your medical expenses will be covered in total. Go to a country with a high living standard, a broken arm could easily break (no pun intended) the limit of a cheap medical insurance.

Check the fine print

When looking for a good travel insurance policy, read everything carefully, especially the fine print. Find out what is covered, and what is not susceptible to coverage .

For example, a policy can cover medical expenses, but not the transport to a medical facility. Most policies don't cover drug or alcohol related incidents , or carelessness in handling your personal belongings.

Don't be shy to ask questions , write up all the info you want to know, so you don't forget something when talking with an insurance agent.

Optimism is a nice view to have, but too much optimism can easily cause harm to you. Don't be overly positive that nothing bad will happen to you. When you go to a foreign country, there are so many things that are beyond your control.

As a matter of fact, even going outside for groceries is more dangerous than swimming in beaches known for sharks. Don't cheap out on your travel insurance and be sure to include it in your cost planning.

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Stara planina range runs 560km from eastern Serbia eastward through central Bulgaria to Cape Emine on the Black Sea. The range consists of around 30 portions called mountains. Stara Planina can be divided into three sections: Western Stara Planina, Central Stara Planina and Eastern Stara Planina. Eastern Stara Planina forms the lowest part of the range.





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The Balkans is the historic and geographic name used to describe southeastern Europe (see the Definitions and boundaries section below). Musala is the highest peak in Bulgaria and the entire Balkan Peninsula, standing at 2,925 m. Rila Mountain, Bulgaria The Rila is a mountain range in western Bulgaria.

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Stara Planina is remarkable for its flora and fauna. The most beautiful Bulgarian mountain flower Edelweiss grows there on peak Koziata stena .